Thank you

Thanks a lot to bmpi AG, who believed in the team and in this project and gave us the opportunity to develop the new version of this app in a much more serious way, and to let Costa go climb on the sunny days. We don’t know of any other company which would be so supportive and flexible.

Many thanks to Silvia, whose contributions to the project goes far beyond data management.

We also want to thank Ramon Gaspare for helping with the German marketing material.


Making this application was a lot of fun, but also a lot of work, including gathering the information and filling the database, localizing the spots (and of course developing the app).

The information contained is by far not complete, and never will be – new routes are being done every day, and new topos published. It is though probably the most complete collection of this kind that you will find. If you find any wrong or missing information or bug, please and we will correct it. But please don’t forget to give us details on exactly what is wrong, and what you think is correct. Of course, we would also love to hear from you for suggestions, or maybe just to say that you like the app.

Please consider rating the app on the iTunes Store or on Google Play if you like it. Hearing from you will encourage us to continue work on it.


We reference only topos which are publicly available on the web. All rights for them are owned by the respective authors. If you are the owner and don’t want us to provide the topo, please and we will remove it. These topos can be incomplete or even incorrect; they are provided only to introduce you to the spot, in case you still don’t have a proper topo with you (or if you forgot it at home). Please support local climbers and topo producers and buy the real topos.

Climbing is dangerous, of course you know that. Don’t sue us if you get lost in a forest or fall off a cliff trying to find a spot. That’s your fault.

Weather changes (surprise, surprise): so don’t rely only on our forecasts (provided by World Weather Online).