How to

A short guide to SwissClimb

SwissClimb has lots of functions, therefore it is not the easiest application to use. Let us help you to do what you want to do.

This is the main view. It shows all spots (climbing places) currently matching your climbing desires. If you don’t restrict your choices, it shows all the known spots.

This symbol means that online topos are available for this spot. Navigate to the spot details to fetch them.

The big meteo icon shows the current weather. The smaller are the forecasts for today and tomorrow.

The stars show my very personal rating of the place, based on its location and the quality of the routes. 

Bookmark your favorite spots (while viewing the details) and find them easily in the list.

This is the filter button. Tapping on it will take you to the filter view. You can search for your ideal spot by selecting your preferred difficulty range, altitude, swiss regions (we “re-cantonized” Switzerland for simplicity) and weather conditions. So, if you want to climb tomorrow, you can search for spots which will be sunny tomorrow (iPhone only).

Choosing one spot from the list will bring you to the 5 detail views. One of them is the meteo tab, which shows you the current conditions and the forecasts for the next 3 days. Check temperatures, precipitations, wind and dawn/sunset times before venturing to a spot.

The standard Google maps are good – except if you need them in the mountains. Then you just see a blue dot in a sea of green. That’s the reason we integrated the immensely accurate SwissTopo maps.

Tap on the circle to start the tracking mode, which keeps the map centered on you. Useful to find your spot, together with the compass. 

The compass shows where’s north. The red arrow where’s your climbing spot.

By the way, this works even without maps (e.g. if you have no network): at least for the GPS, you are not paying your telecom provider.

You’re looking for the topos? Please buy them from the authors, most of the times that’s the same local people who make the routes and invest the money for the equipment. You (like us) want to support them. In a few cases, though, some topos are publicly available online for free: we linked those into the app. Do you know other public topos? Tell us!